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The Media Diet of University Students in Italy and self-expression (Jenkins, 2006; O'Reilly, 2005). With the development of new tools and platforms that allow to easily assemble, create and upload new original contents on the web, it is often argued that traditional media consumers can somehow transform themselves into active "prosumers" (Tapscott & Williams, 2007), capable of developing their own "personal media" (Lüders, 2008). Once again, evidence on this topic seems to be somehow mixed. Almost a student out of four (24.9 percent of the sample) reported hav- ing uploaded original content on MySpace, and 21 percent of the sample actively contributed to YouTube. Anyway, the rate of active contribution decreases sensibly if we consider other sites such as Wikipedia (12.3 percent of the sample), and falls dramatically for Flickr and Slideshare (2.1 percent each). A cluster analysis performed on the data coming from the questionnaire allowed us to split our sample in three groups, depending on and the new digital media. Our attempt aims at starting to fill what we believe to be a serious gap in data availability concerning the actual attitudes of University students toward the Internet and the new digital technologies. As a matter of fact, notwithstanding the high level of concern and public debate on "digital na- tives" and on the very peculiar characteristics of the "Net generation", sound empirical research on these topics are not easily to find in the literature. Furthermore, the great majority of the available studies concern research carried out in the United States, and very few evidences can be found for what refers to the European context. This seems to apply in particular to college and university students. Another significant problem is repre- sented by the fact that available data often come out of individual, isolated research, and are not the result of systematic research programs. The possibility of making compared analysis is thus