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Compilation of References - Pg. 225

225 Compilation of References Adams, S., & de Bont, A. (2007). Information Rx: Pre- scribing good consumerism and responsible citizenship. Health Care Analysis, 15, 273­290. doi:10.1007/s10728- 007-0061-9 Aguaded Gómez, J. I. (Ed.). (2007). Media Education in Europe. Comunicar, 28. Ahmed, O. (2005). Migrating from proprietary to Open Source: Learning Content Management Systems. Un- published doctoral dissertation, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University, Ottawa, Amin, A., van Ossenbruggen, J., Hardman, L., & van Nispen, A. (2008). Understanding cultural heritage ex- perts' information seeking needs. In Proceedings of the 8th ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL `08) (pp. 39-47). New York: ACM. Retrieved from Anderson, K. J. (2001). Internet use among college students: an exploratory study. Jour- nal of American College Health, 50(1), 21­26. doi:10.1080/07448480109595707