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Cooperation of Nature and Physiologically Inspired Mechanisms in Visualisation 2 3 4 5 randomised subsequent behaviour of each pAgent offsets this effect. A full SDS cycle includes: · one Test Phase which decides about the status of each pAgent, one after another · one Diffusion Phase which shares informa- tion according to the algorithm presented Primary hypertension is the major type of high blood pressure in humans and accounts for almost 95% of the hypertension cases in the human population and it is of unknown cause. Secondary hypertension is the type of hy- pertension where a cause for the high blood pressure is identifiable, this type accounts for about 5% of high blood pressure in the population. Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (ACE-inhibitor) is a class of medications used for the treatment of raised blood pres- sure. ACE inhibitors act by interfering with the action of the enzyme responsible for converting the inactive angiotensin 1 protein into the active Angiotensin 2, this active form causes increased blood pressure. Angioten- sin converting enzyme (ACE) is present in the lung, whereas the Angiotensin type 1 is produced in the liver by the action of rennin. (Renin is an enzyme produced by the kidney in response to stress that might be caused by various stimuli). Angiotensin1 is trans- ported in the blood when it passes through the vessels in the lung the ACE convert it into Angiotensin 2. ACE inhibitors interfere with this process and help treat raised blood pressure.