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Chapter 16: Outsourcing Contract Success > CONTRIBUTIONS AND DIRECTIONS FOR FUT... - Pg. 267

Outsourcing Contract Success CONTRIBUTIONS AND DIRECTIONS FOR FUTURE RESEARCH The purpose of this paper was to study the rela- tionship between contract and outsourcing suc- cess using a quality lens and to posit a quality framework for outsourcing contracts. The paper's strength lies in the novelty of the idea proposed. It provides valuable contributions to the outsourcing industry by recommending a comprehensive yet easy to apply quality framework for outsourcing contracts. The framework can act as a quality checklist for the entire contracting process star- ing from planning for outsourcing contracts to post-contract management. Outsourcing contracts have received rela- tively less attention from the researcher com- munity. As a result, this area has high potential for future research. The quality framework proposed in this paper can be used to carry out Coleman, J. (1990). Foundations of Social Theory. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Dibbern, J., Goles, T., Hirschheim, R., & Jayatilaka, B. (2004). Information Systems Outsourcing: A Sur- vey and Analysis of the Literature. The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems, 35(4), 6­102. Domberger, S., Fernandez, P., & Fiebig, D. G. (2000). Modelling the price, performance and contract characteristics of IT outsourcing. Jour- nal of Information Technology, 15, 107­118. doi:10.1080/026839600344302 Dyer, J., & Singh, H. (1998). The relational view: Cooperative strategy and sources of inter organiza- tional competitive advantage. Academy of Manage- ment Review, 23(4), 660­679. doi:10.2307/259056 EFQM. (1998). Self assessment guidelines for companies. Brussels, Belgium: European Founda- tion for Quality Management.