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<div>The Internet gives the consumer almost unlimited choice in products. At the same time, it causes a globalization of consumer habits and tastes. One important question that arises is: Does the Internet and the World Wide Web offer the same opportunities for choice of services as they do for products?</div><div><br></div><div><b>Service Customization Using Web Technologies</b> aims to advance our understanding of Web-related concepts, approaches, and technologies revolving around the core theme of e-service customization. Limitless e-service choice can become possible on the Web only through customization. Understanding such customization on the Web, applied at a mass market level, in a cost efficient manner, will present an unprecedented opportunity for both the industry and the consumers. For both researchers and practitioners, understanding that as service customization accelerates through other types of industries and consumers, we will experience, the benefits of service customization in many more areas of everyday life.</div><br>

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