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Temperature dominance > Temperature dominance - Pg. 71

temperature dominance When thinking about the colors of your composition, you don't even have to think about specific hues, only color temperature. To make your painting pleasing, you simply need to vary the quantities of warm and cool col- ors, so they are not equal. There should be either more cool colors than warm, or more warm colors than cool. You also need a touch or two of contrasting color (and value) to strengthen the center of interest. This color contrast becomes a natural focal point and should be located at your picture's center of interest. In other words, the colors should be mostly of one temperature, some of the other, and a bit of contrast. If the dominant colors are warm, the composition will have an overall warm tone, and can be described as being warm dominant. If the dominant colors are cool, the composition is cool dominant. Warm dominant This composition consists of mostly warm colors, including a warm violet, and therefore is warm dom- inant. There is some brown and a bit of orange. Sunset, Monument Valley Frank LaLumia 20" x 24" (51cm x 61cm) Watercolor on paper 71