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Chapter 5: Art Assemblage, Collage & Oth... > Weave a Wavy Memory - Pg. 91

Weave a Wavy Memory My daughter, Laura, made a collage for her college dormitory room out of two iden- tical photocopies of a favorite photograph of our cat, Hercules. She cut each one into vertical strips, without a ruler--just cutting with scissors freehand. Using the dry mount glue technique, she adhered each strip to her page with rubber cement. She made an original, spirited image from two matching photocopies, just by cut- ting and pasting twin strips next to each other. Your finished collage will be twice the width of your original photo because of doubling the identical strips. Crop both photos on the sides to focus attention on your subject. In this way you can temper the width of your finished artwork. Double the Impact The dry mount gluing system is perfect for this project. Follow the same procedure described on page 84. Before you cut the two identical photos, photocopies or postcards, spread rubber cement over the back of each one and a page in your artistic journal. When the rubber cement is no longer tacky, cut each image into vertical strips, about 1 / 4 -inch (6mm) wide. Be sure to keep all the pieces in order. Lay the strips down onto the dried rubber cement on your journal page. In this case, Laura used a piece of black mat board as her back- ground, rather than her journal. Place each twin strip next to its mate. You can offset the strips a bit to create an animated uneven edge. HERCULES Laura Kanter Paper weaving from photocopies, glued onto black mat board 5" × 8" (13cm × 20cm) 91