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Chapter 10: Breaking Out: Bringing New L... > Chapter 10: Breaking Out: Bringing N... - Pg. 204

it is paid off, the loan from the original owner to the new owner is accruing interest. Commercial/fine art photographer Leo Kim calls this the "someday this will all be yours" approach to selling your business. He has very gradually begun to do this with a pro- tégé who is not yet a photographer but who has business expe- rience and has shown a talent for visual art. "He really wants to be a photographer," says Kim, "and he already has the business experience. In six or seven years, when I turn it over to him, I think he will do very well." Just as the start-up has its hazards, so does the middle age of a small business. But if you apply the same energy and ingenuity to your studio when it's in its prime that you did when it was new, you might just find that this stage has its rewards, too.