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Chapter 16: Public Relations > Chapter 16: Public Relations - Pg. 281

and businesses. That way, not only will your fellow mem- bers think of you when they need photographs, you'll be able to choose someone who you know and trust next time you need a CPA, a lawyer or a PR person. PRO BONO WORK Doing pro bono gives some- thing back to the community that's helped make your busi- ness a success. As a photogra- pher, your work can be used in annual reports, promotion- al material, newsletters, post- ers, press releases and even wall art. Again, choose charitable organizations that serve in ar- eas complementary to your specialty. If you're an architec- tural photographer, shoot pro bono for a group that advocates for the preservation of land- mark buildings. If you're a na- ture shooter, do something pro bono for a conservancy group, such as shooting a local landscape destined to become a strip mall. There are different ways to become involved in your commu- nity, generate some goodwill for your business and do some good deeds in the bargain. Whether you go it alone or hire a profession- al, the benefits will be many. A stock photo by Kerry Drager. 274 BUILDING YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS