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Chapter 19: The Life Cycle of a Small Bu... > Chapter 19: The Life Cycle of a Smal... - Pg. 300

changes this new addition will bring? What if you fail? What if your dreams are dashed? You really do want to do this, or do you? You have to make a conscious effort not to let your doubts get you down. I once asked a pastor if he ever had doubts about God. He said that doubts are to belief as ants are to a picnic--you can't have one without the other. You just need to keep the ants off your food. In spite of ants, gestation is one of my favorite stages of busi- ness. I like it so much I go through mini gestation drills when I need to recharge my batteries. I create an entire new studio (on paper, not in the real world): I pick a name, a market, a location, a corporate image, promotional material and a marketing plan, products, fee structures and price lists, type of business entity and so on. Some of these little drills result in marketable concepts, and I file them away for future reference. Some of them are just plain clunkers. But it allows me to flex my business and creative muscles, keeps me thinking on my feet and lets me spend a little time in that wonderful gestation reverie. INFANCY