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CHAPTER 3: Introduction to JDBC > Introducing JDBCUtil

Introducing JDBCUtil

JDBCUtil is a class I wrote that contains useful utility methods that you will add to as and when you learn different concepts in this book. In this chapter, you learned how to obtain a connection to a database and release resources associated with Connection, Statement, and ResultSet objects. These are ideal candidates for being incorporated in the JDBCUtil class for use in code written in later chapters.

I have put the JDBCUtil class in the package book.util. You can download this class from the Downloads area of the Apress website ( Let's look at the method getConnection() in this class, which takes as parameters a username, password, and database name (SID or service name):

  public static Connection getConnection( String username,
    String password, String dbName)
    throws SQLException
    OracleDataSource ods = null;
    Connection connection = null;
    ods = new OracleDataSource();
    // set the properties that define the connection
    ods.setDriverType ( "thin" );      // type of driver
    ods.setServerName ( "rmenon-lap" ); // database server name
    ods.setNetworkProtocol("tcp");     // tcp is the default anyway
    ods.setDatabaseName(dbName);     // Oracle SID
    ods.setPortNumber(1521);       // my 10g listener port number
    ods.setUser(username);           // username
    ods.setPassword(password);       // password
    System.out.println( "URL:" + ods.getURL());System.out.flush();
    connection = ods.getConnection();
    connection.setAutoCommit( false );
    return connection;


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