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Type-Specific Resources > Schools of Typography - Pg. 346

R E S OU RC E S Schools of Typography I t is very diffi cult to judge where to start (or end) when compiling a list of the best schools at which to study typography as a specialty or as part of a broader course of graphic subjects. Globally there are, of course, many schools in locations that present too many practical diffi culties for you to attend. The influence of studying while immersed in a culture different from that to which you are accustomed can profoundly affect the way you approach your work. The following list reflects schools that, at the time of this writing, offer specialist typographic courses or that contain a significant curricular element dedicated to the study of typography and type design. Wherever possible, we indicate specialty, but in all cases, we strongly recommend contacting any school of interest to ascertain whether it really is the best choice. Also, try to find out whether the school has an alumni good schools from which to choose. Some schools do have reputations that precede them and are undisputed as the cream of the crop, but that does not automatically make them optimal for everyone. The study of any visual art is, by its nature, a personal journey that differs for every person who embarks on a career in the creative industries. Just ask a typographer for his favorite