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Chapter 10: Be Prepared for Not-So- Trad... > How to Prepare for Not-So-Traditiona...

How to Prepare for Not-So-Traditional Interviews

As an interview format used by more and more companies, you’re likely to come across a behavioral interview or two along the way. The next few sections provide you with a basic understanding of behavioral interviews and then equip you to respond successfully to a wide range of behavior-based questions.

Learn About Behavioral Interviewing

“Behavioral” might sound a bit intimidating, like some complicated scientific or psychological process. To make it seem a little less scary, focus on the core of the word, “behave,” and you’ve cracked the code for what behavioral interviewing is all about.

Behavioral interviews are designed to help an interviewer predict your future actions based on how you’ve behaved in the past. Research on interviewing shows that when a candidate is selected based on his or her answers to behavioral questions (as compared to answers to traditional questions), the organization stands a much better chance of making a good choice. As a result, companies with more advanced hiring processes tend to rely primarily on behavioral interviewing questions.


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