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Chapter 1. The Problem at Hand > Introduction - Pg. 2

2 Chapter 1 · The Problem at Hand Introduction In the literary classic The Inferno, Dante wakes up from a semiconscious state only to find himself lost in the Dark Woods of Error. Uncertain how he came to stray from the True Way, Dante attempts to exit the woods and is immedi- ately driven back by three beasts. Dante, faced with despair and having no hope of ever leaving the woods, is visited by the spirit of Virgil. Virgil, a symbol of Human Reason, explains he has been sent to lead Dante from error. Virgil tells him there can be no direct ascent to heaven past the beasts, for the man who would escape them must go a longer and harder way. Virgil offers to guide Dante, but only as far as Human Reason can go (Ciardi, 2001). As with Dante, I too frequently "strayed from the True Way into the Dark Woods of Error" when investigating cyber crime. Often times, I found myself lost as a result of a lack of available information on how to handle the situa- tions I confronted.Yet other times I wasn't quite sure how I got to the point where I became lost. As a cyber crimes investigator, you've undoubtedly