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Chapter 1. The Problem at Hand > Setting the Bar Too High - Pg. 13

The Problem at Hand · Chapter 1 13 weapon is found. Often, the detective can still prove the case by finding other physical and circumstantial evidence. So if we can prosecute other crimes without evidence why not do the same with computer crime? As investigators, we need to stop relying on com- puter-related evidence to prove our case and get back to good ol' gum shoe detective work. Prosecutors and law enforcement members should always remember that ultimately a crime has been committed and that there are usu- ally other ways to prove the case, even with a lack of computer evidence. Setting the Bar Too High As I reflect on the problems I've encountered when investigating cyber crimes, I can't help but think that my predecessors may have set the bar too high when it comes to preserving electronic evidence. Electronic evidence is probably the only evidence that requires investigators to preserve the data exactly as it appeared during the collection phase. Often, the terms bit-stream image and exact duplicate are used when describing how electronic evidence