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Digital Forensics and Analyzing Data · Chapter 9 257 Summary In the introduction, we discussed the current best practices, and how the cur- rent best practices may be negatively impacted by ever-changing technology. The greatest challenge for the forensic practitioner going forward will be at times forging ahead without best practices to back them up.The same tasks will need to be accomplished in a more diverse and volatile environment. It is becoming the norm that devices may not be completely imaged because it is sometimes impossible to take a complete physical image. It may also be impractical to take an entire physical image of a multiterabyte SAN array. The sheer volume of diverse devices and formats will make it extremely more difficult for the forensic practitioner to be an expert on it all. It will also create an ever-increasing need for continuing education.The tool kit required to work in digital forensics is not like the handyman's toolbox; it has become the mechanic's large toolchest. A refreshing trend is the increasing focus of academia into the research of