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Appendix A: Resources > Stalkers on Your Desktop - Pg. 505

Resources · Appendix A 505 Customer Power AVIEN web site: About AVIEN: Joining AVIEN: Some of the people in AVIEN: AVIEWS web site: Joining AVIEWS: Virus Bulletin: "Setting the Record Straight" (David Harley): in Virus Bulletin, November 2001. WildList Organization: EICAR: CARO: Rob Rosenberger: SANS: AusCERT: ESET papers, including a series by David Harley & Andrew Lee: download/whitepapers.php Fred Cohen & Associates: "I'm OK,You're Not OK": David Harley, Virus Bulletin, November 2006 ( Sarah Gordon: (ISC)2 (International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc.): CISSP certification experience requirement changes: content.cgi?category=84 GIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification): McAfee training: Sophos training: Symantec training: index.jsp Team Anti-Virus Education Website: Stalkers on Your Desktop "Dr. Solomon's Virus Encyclopedia": Solomon, Gryaznov (S&S International, 1995) "Survivor's Guide to Computer Viruses": anthology of VB articles (Virus Bulletin, 1993) "Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses" 2nd Edition (Springer, 1996) "Viruses Revealed": David Harley, Robert Slade, Urs Gattiker (Osborne, 2001)