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Chapter 1: Customer Power and AV Wannabes > History of AVIEN and AVIEWS - Pg. 2

2 Chapter 1 · Customer Power and AV Wannabes Introduction In the first section of this chapter, Robert Vibert, founder of the Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network (AVIEN) and the Anti-Virus Information and Early Warning System (AVIEWS), relates the historical origins and development of these two closely linked organi- zations. His story is important. While these are significant and interesting organizations in their own right, their story also reflects an important phase in the history of viruses and virus management. In the few years since AVIEN was founded, we've seen the focus shift across the board from virus management to malicious software (malware) management. Furthermore, where a Gods and Ants view once predominated in the antivirus industry, there is a more harmonious relationship between the antivirus industry and other security professionals. In fact, it sometimes seems that everyone outside the antivirus industry is a virus/ antivirus expert, in his or her own estimation (False Authority Syndrome). On the other hand, it also seems that people within the security industry think they have sole custody of all security knowledge, and that the rest of the world knows just enough to put their hands in their corporate pockets and pay for the solutions that are offered them.The truth is out there somewhere between "AV knows nothing" and "AV knows everything." In the second section, David Harley looks at the uneasy relationship between the anti-malware industry and its customers, in the hope of finding it. Various members of Team Anti-Virus, a loose grouping of independent antivirus researchers,