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Chapter 8: Education in Education > Introduction - Pg. 308

308 Chapter 8 · Education in Education Introduction In the first section of this chapter, David Phillips, a security specialist for the UK's Open University with longstanding experience in virus research, considers the problem of user education from the point of view of the educationalist. Since he also presents a highly rated Open University course on computer security threats and defenses called "Vandalism in Cyberspace," he is well qualified to consider this viewpoint. Since David is too modest to go into details about the course itself, we've included some information in a sidebar. The section on security in education, by David and Judith Harley, builds on a shorter contribution to the second edition of Terry Freedman's "Coming of Age: An Introduction to the NEW World Wide Web" ( draft-table-of-contents-16.html; Judith teaches Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at a secondary school in the UK, and David offers security consultancy to that sector from time to time. Neither claims expertise as regards the US educational system. However, David takes the opportunity here to consider some not-very-US-specific issues thrown up by the Julie Amero case, which was generating a great deal of controversy at the time this chapter was written.