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Chapter 8: Education in Education > Security and Education in the UK - Pg. 320

320 Chapter 8 · Education in Education information available for occasions when it becomes necessary. Not too detailed, though. Otherwise, people will freeze when a scenario arises that doesn't map to the documentation. Make sure there is a clear line of communication when they need person-to-person support. Teach them how their machines are protected, but also how to verify that protective software is running. Do not just show them how it all relates to their work machine, but also give them information on how it relates to home systems. If they check their defenses at home, they will be likelier to check at work too, and report things that don't seem quite right. Encourage them to report anything strange appearing on their machine.This requirement should be reflected in your security policy. If you make it scary, they will not report anything. Above all, don't make the classic error of punishing them for reporting a problem. Even if the problem is their fault, would you rather they reported it or tried to conceal it? Encourage reporting with support, not a whip. There's certainly a place for the whip in security administration, but sometimes the carrot is a better first resort. Foster an atmosphere of openness among users.The last thing you want is to drive security breaches underground. So, encourage users to report alerts, suspicions, and