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Chapter 8: Education in Education > Summary - Pg. 342

342 Chapter 8 · Education in Education Summary It has long been held in some security circles that education doesn't work. In fact, this assertion is really based on a fundamental disagreement about what we can expect education to accomplish. It certainly hasn't solved all our security problems, but then there are many other problems it hasn't solved either. Criminal behavior, world poverty, armed conflict; they're all still out there. However, education and training, its less ambitious sibling, have certainly made a difference in many organizations, especially as part of a multi-layered protection strategy. Security awareness and good practice through a more rounded educational approach, rather than focusing entirely on operational training, is likely to make user education far more successful. You might think that there'd be no difficulties in implementing an educational approach in education, but it's not always so. Fragmented responsibilities and uncertainty about which informational resources are reliable can create intense difficulties. However, community-oriented information and resource sharing initiatives like the WARP movement can make quite a difference. Solutions Fast Track User Education from an Educationalist's Perspective