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Planning,Testing, Revising > Designate a Conference Room or Office as a "War Ro... - Pg. 245

Defense-in-depth · Chapter 6 245 blame throwing and scapegoating.) During this review, discuss what occurred and what could have been done better or differently; consider making changes to the plan. Don't be ashamed to admit a failure, "Yeah, our primary slept through his pager" or "Because the e-mail server was overwhelmed we couldn't get the sample to the vendor." Being honest is the only way to find the flaws and fix them. On the other hand, don't point fingers saying, "This wouldn't have happened if...." Taking this approach puts everyone on the defensive. Any ideas that may address the situation will not be voiced, or be overshadowed by the emotional defensiveness.There may be times that the way things could have been done better cannot be seen. Remember, perfection cannot be obtained, only striven for.The goal here is the minimization of impact. Only revise the plan when it improves the plan by improving a process or covering a newly discovered weakness. Designate a Conference Room or Office as a "War Room" This room should function as a communications center, think-tank, and meeting room. Be sure it can be dedicated to exclusive use by the outbreak management team for the duration of the outbreak. Equipment should include, but not be limited to: Whiteboard, chalk board, or butcher block tablet, or other device to record ideas and group discussions. A telephone (preferably a speaker phone) that allows conference calls, to include group members that are not able to attend physically.Try to avoid VoIP phones, as bandwidth maybe impacted during an outbreak, making this type of phone unreliable or unavailable. It is essential to be able to secure the room. For security reasons, do not permit the casual observance of what is being brainstormed, as it may be taken out of context. Nor should you disclose vulnerabilities to third parties who do not have a "need to know." Be sure to include out-of-band communications, as traditional communications may be impacted by the current outbreak. Some organizations that have the resources take the approach to set up an "Emergency Operations Center (EOC)," where individual representatives from the Outbreak Management team each have a "station" equipped with a dedicated phone and computer workstation.These stations are all in the same room as the conference table and whiteboard, and often a large-scale network map.The entire purpose of the war room is to act as a focal point during a situation, facilitating improved communications and cooperation between all work groups dealing with the current outbreak, and giving management a central point with which to exchange information related to the situation.