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Planning,Testing, Revising > Personnel - Pg. 246

246 Chapter 6 · Defense-in-depth Personnel Who should be involved with the anti-malware program in the organization? In the past, companies gave the task of AV support and maintenance to someone who had been infected many times and knew how to install, run, and update the scanning software. More compa- nies are realizing that malware defense is proactive as well as reactive.Traditionally, this job may fall into the realm of the corporate Computer Security Unit. Unfortunately, many still feel that having some knowledge or history in traditional information security is the same as having the same amount of background with computer viruses.This is not true. Designate a Corporate Anti-Malware Specialist Whenever Possible The primary person responsible for anti-malware architecture should specialize in the field of AV, and work closely with other computer security professionals.The anti- malware professional should have a working knowledge of all levels and layers of the network, in order to understand how a malware will react on that network.The individual should have enough knowledge to be able to administer any system on the network, but doesn't have to be an expert on every platform.This individual needs access to a full complementary team.The anti-malware professional would serve as a subject matter expert, along with other expert representatives from every operating system platform, mail platform, and network infrastructure (routers, bridges, hubs, and so on) to be found in the company.This group needs to pass