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You Should Be Certified > Should There Be a Vendor-independent Malware Speciali... - Pg. 38

38 Chapter 1 · Customer Power and AV Wannabes Should There Be a Vendor-independent Malware Specialist Certification? Fairly soon after AVIEN was first founded, as Ken Bechtel noted in his 2003 paper for the Virus Bulletin conference on "Anti-Virus Support, the Need for Maturing a Career Field," many members were keen to see developed or contribute actively to a certification project for anti-virus specialists. Adherence to a code of conduct like the AVIEN Code of Conduct in Figure 1.7 was seen as one of the requirements of such certification. Indeed, this is also the case for more generalist security certifications like CISSP, for example, and while it's not uncommon for tradesmen to be required to conform with some form of code of practice, strict conformance with an ethical code is often seen as a sine qua non for admission into one of the professions. Figure 1.7 AVIEN Code of Conduct