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You Should Be Certified > Vendor-Dependent Training - Pg. 34

34 Chapter 1 · Customer Power and AV Wannabes beyond largely technical criteria. While it's not yet completely clear where the IISP is going, it may be useful as a career-assisting supplement to technical qualifications, at least in the UK. Whether it will meet its own aspirations as an international group has yet to be determined. Vendor-Dependent Training Just as antivirus products vary enormously in their range and functionality according to vendor, so does the training that is available from AV vendors. We cannot cover all of the product training available from all vendors in the AV space. Indeed, we can't do justice even to the few vendors we consider here. On no account should you think of this as a comprehensive guide to what's available at the time of writing, let alone by the time this book reaches your hands. However, this brief overview of some of the training available from three major vendors will give you some idea of the sort of areas they currently cover. McAfee The McAfee course "Anti Virus Administration for McAfee Groupshield" is a two-day course intended for administrators implementing gateway solutions like GroupShield and SpamKiller. Issues discussed include: