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Chapter 13: SSH Port Forwarding > Frequently Asked Questions - Pg. 304

304 Chapter13·SSHPortForwarding Frequently Asked Questions Q: Where can I find more help documentation on SSH and its port forwarding capabilities on Unix? A: The help pages under Unix can be accessed with the "man" command. Within your command prompt type in man ssh for a full help page on SSH and all of its options. Q: Our corporate firewall blocks all outgoing SSH traffic--is there a way around this to get to my home PC? A: One of the things you can try is to reconfigure your SSHD at your home PC to listen on a port other than 22, perhaps port 80 that is used for HTTP. This will work and bypass many firewalls. Q: My client is Windows based and I do not have OpenSSH, what else is out there? A: You can install VMware player and download one of the UNIX images all for free--my favorite is CentOS and it is what we have used in this chapter. There is also SecureCRT but that is commercial software. Cygwin is another open source project that will work. Q: What can I do to prevent my users from being able to port forward?