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Chapter 13: SSH Port Forwarding > Introduction - Pg. 288

288 Chapter13·SSHPortForwarding Introduction As discussed in previous chapters, SSH is a secure network protocol which allows for data to be exchanged securely between two or more computers. SSH has been mainly used by system administrators to securely manage devices such as network routers and UNIX servers as well as securely transferring files. SSH provides a secure tunnel in which all communication is encrypted. SSH port forwarding or tunneling allows you to forward otherwise unsecure TCP traffic inside a secure SSH tunnel. Protocols such as FTP, POP3, SMTP, HTTP, TELNET, and others can all be forwarded inside this SSH tunnel providing increased security features such as encryption and authentication that may not otherwise be supported, as shown in Figure 13.1. Tunneling unsecure protocols via SSH secures data exchange between devices. Figure 13.1 Port Forwarding Unsecured Protocols via SSH Tunnel