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Chapter 9: Linux SSH > Frequently Asked Questions - Pg. 213

LinuxSSH·Chapter9 213 Frequently Asked Questions Q: What SSH package is best to use? A: While OpenSSH is the most popular, there are several alternatives out there in the market. If you don't want to use Open Source software, there are options. If you want a package that is smaller or will run better on older hardware, there are options. Each situation will require a different set of criteria; you must judge which package will be best for that given situation. Q: How do I install SSH on my particular distribution (RedHat, Gentoo, Suse etc.)? A: Most distributions have good documentation on installing software packages and each package manager is different. The best way to install SSH is to find the package you want and then find out what the software maintainer recommends as a method of installation. Q: How do I restore my sshd_config to its original state? A: Most of the time you can find a copy of the original config files on the Internet. If you can't find it there, you also have the option of removing the package and re-installing it. Q: What's the difference between SSH1 and SSH2?