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Other SSH Server Types > OpenSSH Features - Pg. 156

156 Chapter7·TheSSHServerBasics OpenSSH Features OpenSSH is the best and most used open solution because of good implementation, code strictness and cleaning, and the presence of various features that provide high product compatibility and flexibility. These characteristics have made the software very versatile and adaptive to the different environments where it is installed. Indeed, OpenSSH supports numerous encryption algorithms, including 3DES, Blowfish, AES, and Arcfour. It also provides full compatibility with the SSH 1.3, 1.5, and 2.0 standard protocols. Both the client side and the server side of SFTP completely support SSH1 and SSH2. The other key features of the product are listed below: X11 forwarding (encrypts X Window System traffic) Port forwarding (encrypted channels for legacy protocols) Strong authentication (public key, one-time password, and Kerberos authentication) Agent forwarding (single-sign-on) Kerberos and AFS ticket passing Data compression While we were writing this book, the last version was OpenSSH 5.0; its diffusion characteristics make OpenSSH the most maintained and monitored product from the security profile point of view.