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Responding to an SE Event > Having Front Line Staff Respond - Pg. 96

96 Chapter5·SSHShortcomings Having Front Line Staff Respond When front line staff is under attack they are purposefully confused or disoriented. To stop this type of attack, the victim must remove themselves from the attacker. Yes, this does sound like some old horror film where you must flee the villain but it is true today in defending against an SE attack. Please treat all staff who report an attack with seriousness and professionalism. If you make fun of this, the front line staff will stop reporting and you lose to the attacker. One phone technique is to have front line staff place any person who is suspected of SE on hold while they "get the data." This breaks the direct contact with the attacker stopping the influence of intimidation, confusion, and misdirection. During this break the staff should be able to inform IT about the current attack. Resuming the call with excuses for lack of data provides time for the security staff to analyze the physical aspects of the attack. If the attack is in person, have the staff call for someone to assist them in person, the quicker the better. Never leave the workstation unattended while help is sought. This could be the request of the entire attack, to get the front line staff to leave their desk. Always consider that not everyone comes in the front door so make sure you have proper physical security and assistance at all doors. This is just good access control. Staff needs to know how they can report a SE event currently in progress and how they should document the event. The best method is to send an alert during the call so IT staff can monitor the event in real-time. Time is important here as the attacker might become suspicious and break off the attack. Worst case is the attacker now targets a staff member for SE attack.