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Social Engineering Scenarios for Awarene... > Please Help Me Save My Job! - Pg. 104

104 Chapter5·SSHShortcomings Pick two people, better if they are friends. Caller: Hi Friend, I'm stuck, can you leave your company car keys at the desk for me? I'll be careful! Staff: Well, it's against policy Caller: Hey, it's okay, we're friends! Ask the participants how easy it would be for someone they know to "borrow" something for a few hours. Help them realize that the resources are for company usage and that your policies and procedures reflect that. We'd Like to Check Your Connections "Hi, I'm with the phone company and we're testing your lines for the next few hours so don't pick up the phone if it rings because the lineman will get electrocuted. Thank you now!" Now ring the phone non-stop for three hours! This high school prank is profitable if you add this twist: ask the staff to provide passwords so that the service person from phone/network/electrical can check the line. Caller: Hi, I'm the phone guy and we need to check your VOIP line. Staff: VOIP? Caller: Sure, VOIP. Okay, just give me your logon password and I'll take it from there. Staff: Sure, thanks for helping