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Chapter 8: Configuring the Check Point N... > Preparing for the Firewall Implement... - Pg. 282

282 Chapter8·ConfiguringtheCheckPointNGXFirewall Introduction "Now that we have the underlying platform configured, let's dive into the Check Point software portion of the firewall!" exclaimed Shin. "Ming, Marty tells me that you have some experience with Check Point?" "I used to administer four or five Check Point firewalls at my previous company." replied Ming. "We only had it installed on Windows and Solaris platforms though." Shin smiled. "I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to install and configure the software on IPSO." Ming rolled her eyes. "That'd be nice for a change. Is it any different once it's installed?" Shin shook his head. "No, it will look exactly the same from a firewall administration perspective." Ming gave Marty a thumbs-up. "You know what that means Marty?" Ming asked him. "What's that?" he said. Ming smiled. "It means I can use that training budget somewhere else." Preparing for the