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66 Chapter3·BridgingtheGapsbetweenInformationManagementandE-discovery Summary Archiving, enterprise content management, and other technology solutions can help organizations meet requirements for e-discovery. Archiving provides a platform for storing, managing, and enabling the discovery of unstructured corporate data from e-mail systems, file server environments, instant messaging platforms, and collaboration and content management systems. These systems use classification and retention technologies to capture, categorize, index, and store target data to enforce policies as well as tools to support legal discovery. Enterprise content management systems also facilitate e-discovery by providing a technology platform for capturing, managing, storing, preserving, and delivering data. While many of these systems have traditionally focused on structured content, a growing number are expanding to include unstructured content as well. A fundamental component of e-discovery technology is its support for retention policies. By automatically archiving data according to its specified retention period and schedule, these tools offer an efficient mechanism for ensuring that information is retained in accordance with legal requirements and standards. The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) gives organizations a framework for selecting the most appropriate e-discovery technology for their needs. A growing number of archiving systems are now expanding their capabilities by offering integration points with other e-discovery tools such as content management systems, search and collection tools, analytics, and review tools. These integrated solutions provide organizations a more robust and complete system for e-discovery. While traditional technologies such as backup, recovery, and security are invaluable components of information management, their value in aiding the e-discovery process varies. Backup solutions are effective for data protection but do not provide an archive for e-discovery. Advanced solutions that provide granular recovery may ease the restoration of metadata in content management systems, and security solutions are an effective tool for protecting information from malicious threats before it is archived. When used together with e-discovery technologies, these traditional solutions help form the foundation of an effective technology infrastructure in an effort to meet complex requirements for managing information. Solutions Fast Track Understanding Archiving Technology Archiving solutions act as a long-term indexed repository for the storage of electronic information. Archiving solutions provide for the consistent and routine collection of information. Archiving solutions support early case assessments.