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Chapter 8: Data Identification and Searc... > An Overview of Search and Identifica... - Pg. 223

DataIdentificationandSearchTechniques·Chapter8 223 which would reduce your precision rate dramatically. In contrast, the precision rate of a mathematical/ statistical approach would be dramatically higher as it would look beyond the meaning of dog, street, and running to determine the manner in which the words were used and related; you would be able to fine-tune the results to increase the accuracy and precision with this technique in a way you could not when relying on a thesaurus-based approach When all is said and done, it is important to vet your technology to see what your searches are relying on. Advanced E-mail Threading Although discussed earlier as a legacy technique, e-mail threading can also be considered advanced technology when combined with conceptual search techniques. As a legacy method, e-mail threads rely on a user replying to a particular message and the functionality of the e-mail client that created and sent the message. However, advanced conceptual search techniques can uncover the meaning in an e-mail and help you determine true e-mail threads. There can be distinct advantages to this technique. First, by using conceptual search, you can eliminate messages which take on a different, non-relevant topic. Second, advanced techniques can also string together conversation threads when the "chain" of the conversation was broken, either by the e-mail client itself or by the user replying to the message and deleting the text of the original message. Though it is not an advanced technology on its own, advanced e-mail threading can be of assistance when you are trying to group together like e-mail topics.