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The Cost of Document Review > The Cost of Document Review - Pg. 239

BringingItTogetherinaReviewPlatformandManagingtheReview·Chapter9 239 N ote It is important to appreciate the number of documents that can be involved in a review project, especially for large litigation matters. In the Enron case, investigators seized more than 12 million documents. If those pages were printed out, the stack would be three times taller than Chicago's Sears Tower. In another recent case an inventor brought a patent infringement suit against a large company. The inventor had to read more than 50 million pages of electronic documents and analyze them over just a few short months. A decade ago, a small army of attorneys would have required years to analyze the result set. The Cost of Document Review Although preserving and collecting ESI are a concern for legal and technology professionals every- where, it is also becoming increasingly necessary to acquire talent that understands the entire e-discovery process. And, because preservation, collections, and processing are a nominal cost when compared with the document review process, it is becoming even more important to work with teams of people who have document review experience, training on multiple review platforms, and