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Creating Data Profiles and Mapping the I... > Phase II: Collecting Enterprise Syst... - Pg. 125

TheFocusofITwithinaDiscoveryResponseTeam·Chapter5 125 Phase II: Collecting Enterprise System Information and Data Discovery In Phase II, which includes the collection of enterprise system information (Phase IIA) and data discovery (Phase IIB), you will outline the actual systems and ESI of the organization. Because it is sometimes necessary to conduct Phases IIA and IIB simultaneously, these steps are broken down into their subsequent elements. Oftentimes, as you are learning about enterprise systems, it is also neces- sary to utilize data-cataloging applications or appliances over the network to confirm your Phase IIA findings. Although you are not required to simultaneously perform Phase IIA and IIB efforts, experience has found that doing so can save substantial time. Phase IIA: Collecting Enterprise System Information You can now start to collect technical details regarding the infrastructure you are profiling. This is also when you will lay the groundwork for how well the technical team documents its systems and maintains that documentation. This phase will also provide guidance in further identifying unknown system locations and updated technology. Table 5.1 lists the key components of this phase. The list for verification of documentation is included to serve as a guideline for you to create a checklist of documentation useful during this process. We will not discuss the IT/Legal Communications portion in detail here, as we discussed this in the preceding chapter.