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Frequently Asked Questions > Notes - Pg. 42

42 Chapter2·ManagingInformationandRecordsinAnEnterprise Notes 1. Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management, 2007. doc_cd=150426. 2. Forquer, Bill, Peter Jelinski, and Tom Jenkins. Enterprise Content Management: Solutions--What You Need To Know. Waterloo, Canada: Open Text Corporation, Third Printing 2006, p. 17. 3. "Sustainability of Digital Formats." 4. Aristotle, Politics. 5. Newman, David and Debra Logan. "Governance is an Essential Building Block for Enterprise Information Management." Gartner Research Note, May 18, 2006, p. 3. 6. Jenkins, Tom. Enterprise Content Management: Technology--What You Need to Know. Waterloo, Canada: Open Text Corporation, Fifth Printing, 2006, p. 59. 7. The full specification and list of vendors who have successfully passed the testing can be found at 8. The National Archives Site, 9. Province of Victoria Public Records Office: 10. European Commission Archival Policy site: moreq/index_en.htm. 11. Useful guidelines, standards and best practices have been published by organizations such as ARMA. 12. "Sustainability of Digital Formats." 13.