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Legal Roles and Responsibilities > Discovery or Compliance Specialist - Pg. 75

CreatinganEnterpriseDiscoveryResponseTeam·Chapter4 75 Manage the overall discovery plan and implementation. Manage training and education. Manage and ensure that the company is current with trends and rule changes. Lead the discovery plan for each new matter, and monitor and coordinate with in-house counsel, outside counsel, and the DRT. Act as a resource for in-house lawyers and outside counsel to ensure consistent stands taken in productions across all matters. This individual may also participate in Rule 26 conferences for the company to ensure that accurate information about systems and data is relayed to the court. Having one person address these issues or "train" counsel on them prior to the meet and confer and Rule 26 conference adds yet another layer of consistency and heads off issues that may arise due to counsel's lack of in-depth knowledge of systems and processes. Finally, many companies are also utilizing this person as the 30(b)(6) designee for the company on discovery issues. Discovery or Compliance Specialist The second legal component of your team will be the discovery or compliance specialists. Typically, this role would be filled by senior litigation paralegals. The function of this role is broad and is the key, in many ways, to the success of your team. The discovery specialist is your front-line responder/