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Managing Production Costs > TIFF or PDF Production Costs - Pg. 276

276 Chapter10·Headlines,Redlines,andDeadlines not records. Other production costs might be related to the volume of records (typically in gigabytes). Please note that costs and/or variables may depend on the vendor or firm assisting you with this process and that these are meant to provide only a general guideline to you. TIFF or PDF Production Costs Here is a list of calculations for determining TIFF or PDF production costs. TIFF/PDF creation = (# of pages) x (cost per page) Branding on images = (# of pages) x (cost per page) Load file creation = (per-hour rate) x (# of hours) Hard-drive costs to store load file and images = (cost per hard drive) x (quantity of hard drives) Delivery costs = (shipping rate) x (number of packages) Total costs = [TIFF/PDF creation + branding + load file creation + media storage + delivery]