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Attack Types > Bluesnarf/++ - Pg. 12

12 Chapter1·IntroductiontoMobileMalware BlueDump A technique used to sniff key exchanges between two devices. An attacker spoofs the address of a device to cause some devices to delete its own link key and go into pairing mode, enabling Bluetooth sniffing of the pairing event. Bluejacking Similar to spam over Bluetooth, where unsolicited messages are sent to others nearby. It abuses Bluetooth pairing, whereby two devices that pair are able to send messages to each other. It may also enable the attacker to gain access to sensitive data on the paired device. More information is available at Blueprinting Sometimes called "fingerprinting for Bluetooth," started by Collin Mulliner and Martin Herfurt. Useful in Bluetooth security audits. BlueSmack A large ping packet is sent to the target device to force a Denial-of-Service condition. Similar