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DebuggingandDisassemblyofMMC·Chapter10 335 provides the perfect environment to test malware because it ensures the program will not escape (assuming the PC and its host network are isolated). Windows Mobile emulation packages can be obtained directly from Microsoft. You will first need the Microsoft Device Emulator and the Virtual Network Driver, which is included with Virtual PC 2007 to run these emulators, but these two components are free. Finally, you will need to download and install ActiveSync and configure it for DMA connectivity. Once you do this, you can load up an emulator image and sync it to your PC. Then, you can install programs, use IDA, and have direct control over the image. T ip Windows Mobile emulation also includes phone support via the Cell Emulator. For testing items like FlexiSPY, you will need the ability to enable the mobile device's phone functionality. iPhone emulation is possible, but it is tied to the iPhone SDK and as such only runs on OSX. Still, it is free for those who have an account with Apple's Developer Center. Symbian emulators are also included with the SDK from Nokia, but they only run on Windows.