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Defensive Measures > Products - Pg. 373

MobileMalwareMitigationMeasures·Chapter11 373 and cost. For most purposes, it's worth considering GSM "secure enough." If you're the type who is engaged in multibillion dollar transactions or some type of very sensitive work, software packages are available to add more communication security. There are also more dedicated secure phones you can consider. They're pricey, but hey, you're doing multibillion dollar deals, right? Applications If you use third-party applications to access any sensitive information, it is worth exploring if they provide any additional security functionality. It may be possible to enable additional PIN codes, passwords, data encryption, or remote wipe capability. If you are not sure about these and have a concern, contact the application vendor. Updates One interesting aspect of mobile phones is that the default applications and operating systems traditionally have not been subject to the same update/patch pressure as desktop systems. While this has been mostly due to the limited historical focus of attackers on them, don't expect this to continue. To be clear, mobile phones often never or very rarely get patched. In the "old days," the only way to get an update was to take your