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File System > Xip - Pg. 199

OperatingSystemandDeviceVulnerabilities·Chapter7 199 and/or to port over from other Windows operating systems. Since code-signing is not a requirement for an application to be installed, anyone can spend a couple of hours developing an application and expect it to work on any of the millions of devices out there. WM Details The following will outline the WM operating system in some detail. We need to understand how the core OS functions in order to properly analyze vulnerabilities and exploits. Note that this will not be a comprehensive examination of WM, but will only focus on the pieces that matter for the scope of malicious code and its interaction with the operating system and the user. File System The file system of the WM device is pretty much what you would expect from Microsoft. Program files are typically stored in \Program Files, system files are located in \Windows, and your personal files are stored in \My Documents. While the superficial file storage system is pretty standard, certain features need to be understood. Xip