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Genesis (2004) > Virus.WinCE.Duts - Pg. 57

TimelineofMobileMalware,Hoaxes,andThreats·Chapter3 57 Virus.WinCE.Duts First Appeared: July 2004. Infection Strategy: Parasitic file infector appending virus body to .EXE files. Distribution Method: Spread by infecting files in current directory. Payload: Infected files may be rendered useless if not disinfected. Novel Contributions: First known virus targeting Windows CE platform. Comments: Duts targeted the Windows platform on PocketPCs using the ARM processor. The virus would ask the user if spreading could occur. If yes, the virus would append itself to all executable files in the current directory. It was written by Ratter of the malcode group 29A. The virus was proof of concept, meant to show that mobile devices running Windows OS could also be exploited by MM. The name Duts comes from comments in the code, "This code arose from the dust of Permutation City." It displayed the following text message: WinCE4.Dust by Ratter/29A Dear User, am I allowed to spread?