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392 Glossary·GlossaryofTerms Hexadecimal Sometimes abbreviated hex. A base-16 numbering system. Hexadecimal uses numbers 0­9 and letters A­F to represent all 16 digits of the numbering system. A single 8-bit byte can be fully represented with just two hexadecimal digits. For example, "http://" has decimal values of 104-116-116-112-58-47-47 (values separated by dashes), represented in hexadecimal as 68-74-74-70-3A-2F-2F (687474703A2F2F). HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol; used to browse the Internet. Hyperplane A higher-dimensional generalization concept in geometry useful in some visual analysis techniques. More information is available at I IMEI Number A 15-digit unique identification number for mobile devices. Infrared (IR) A wireless communication standard commonly included in mobile devices making it easy to "beam" data to other users. Requires line-of-sight for connectivity. iPhone A device manufactured by Apple that integrates multiple mobile features. More information is available at