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394 Glossary·GlossaryofTerms N Neural Network (NNet) A set of interconnected identical units (neurons) with intercon- nections that have weights to enhance the delivery among neurons. The neurons are not powerful by themselves; however, when connected to others they can perform complex computations. Nokia 770 A Linux-based tablet PC with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. developed this to create a compact portable auditing device. O OBEX Abbreviation for OBject EXchange. A communications protocol for exchanging binary data between devices. One-Time Password (OTP) A strategy employed to generate a numeric value to authenticate only once. There are three types of OTP solutions: time-synchronization between a device and a server; a mathematical algorithm based upon the former password value; and a mathematical algorithm based upon a challenge value randomly selected by an authentication server. Open Redirector URL redirection technique, used especially in,, and that phishers use to redirect victims to spoofed sites. OS Acronym for operating system. P P2P Acronym for peer-to-peer. A network where hosts share files with one another directly or through a centralized P2P server. Pairing A mechanism for establishing long-term trust between two Bluetooth devices. Once paired, a connection to a device is quickly authenticated and established. This is sometimes referred to as a "backdoor attack," where a trusted device is paired and then used to abuse the trusted relationship between the two devices. Palm Palm operating system for mobile devices. Payload The primary action of a malicious code attack. For example, a downloader Trojan may be used to install rogue software, where rogue software is the payload of the attack for financial gain. PBX Private branch exchange. Initially, a PBX functioned much like a switchboard, where users made phone calls to and from the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Today,