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60 Chapter3·TimelineofMobileMalware,Hoaxes,andThreats Distribution Method: Downloaded from Web sites, e-mails, and P2P file-sharing sites. Payload: Sends a continuous stream of SMS messages to the same phone number, creating a possible financial loss for the device's user. Novel Contributions: First Java-based MM, a midlet written in J2ME, this MM could run on any Java-enabled phone. Comments: For the first time, an MM used the J2ME platform. This made the MM capable of running any Java-enabled platform. It was also an early example of MM success with social engineering, tricking users to allow the midlet to run by claiming they would be able to send free SMS messages!! W arNiNg It is difficult if not impossible to recoup losses when calls have been made from your device to a premium porno line. Good luck proving you didn't call that number. Even if you do, the call was made, and accountability for the bad actor spreading the code to your device is improbable in most cases. In