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Infection Strategy > Wired Communication - Pg. 103

OR `Hiya, TaxonomyofMobileMalware·Chapter5 103 I've found this tool a couple of weeks ago, and after using it i was surprised on how good it was on squashing viruses. I wonder if avers know about this? ;)' OR `Maybe not but try this, i'm sure it will help you in your fight against malware. The engine it uses isnt to bad, but the searching speed is very fast for such a small size ' Pete{BLOCKED}rrie Senior Anti-Virus Researcher / Senior Principal Software Engineer ©1995 - 2006 Symantec Corporation All rights reserved. Attachment: test.exe Wired Communication It almost seems that today's mobile devices have no need to connect to anything via a wire. In the near future, that may be true, but for now there are still a few necessities that are best