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Worm > Worm - Pg. 14

14 Chapter1·IntroductiontoMobileMalware Payload The primary action of a malicious code attack. For example, a downloader Trojan may be used to install rogue software, where rogue software is the payload of the attack for financial gain. Rogue Software Illegitimate software designed to goad the user into purchasing a defunct software product and/or one that was illegally installed. These programs frequently include limited functionality, erroneous scan results, and aggressive warnings in an attempt to persuade the user into purchasing software. Trojan A Trojan is malicious software that masquerades as something it is not. It does not replicate. Virus Malicious software that infects a host file in order to spread. Worm Malicious software that creates a copy of itself (a.k.a., clones itself) as it spreads.