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Modern Times and Beyond (2008 ­ ) > Trojan.iPhone.A - Pg. 62

62 Chapter3·TimelineofMobileMalware,Hoaxes,andThreats SymbOS.Viver.A First Appeared: May 2007. Infection Strategy: SIS archive file installed by user. Distribution Method: Downloaded via e-mail, Web sites, and P2P file-sharing sites. Payload: Continuously sent SMS messages to several premium rate numbers. Novel Contributions: Early sample of MM used for direct financial gain. Comments: This MM would send out SMS messages to premium rate numbers, and it turned out that a portion of the charged amount went to the MM author. This is one of the earliest examples of an MM producing direct cash profit for its creator. Modern Times and Beyond (2008 ­ ) MM has experienced a rapid, innovative, and alarming evolution. They have shown to be capable of employing advanced techniques for infection and distribution. Their payloads have covered all the classic areas of file system destruction, dropping other malcode and stealing data. They have caused panic and pushed the security world to take serious proactive measures to protect devices from known and unknown MM. Given all this advancement, several areas of a mobile device have yet to be exploited. These areas hold the potential of being the worst yet to be seen in MM. Areas like the phone and multimedia components of the device have not yet been exploited, and when this occurs it could result in devastating invasions of privacy that could lead to the user being exploited, compromised, blackmailed, and so on. The remainder of this section will look at current MM and create hypothetical future MM employing these yet-to-be-used portions of the mobile device. Trojan.iPhone.A First Appeared: January 2008. Infection Strategy: Updates file installed by device user. Distribution Method: Downloaded from various Web sites under the filename "iPhone firmware 1.1.3 prep". Payload: Overwrites legitimate applications such as Erica's Utilities and Open SSH on the device. If the Trojan is uninstalled, these legitimate applications are also uninstalled. Novel Contributions: First known Trojan for the iPhone. Comments: We created it as a generic classifier since an official name was provided. Up to now the iPhone had not been a victim of MM. When this Trojan emerged,